education in small steps and full circles


Our philosophy is based on the belief that every human being is precious and has great potential. The job of education is to uncover or "draw forth" that potential. We believe that school is a part of education, but that education is far more than school alone. The world has many needs. True education can create citizens with vision, parents with vision and this will lead to children with vision.

We believe that giving is a natural act (as is receiving) but that all too often the giving of charity creates unintended side effects. We feel that if the right atmosphere is created, both the giver and the recipient of a gift will be uplifted. This is our approach, this is the work we have undertaken and we hope you will join us in your own way.

We also believe that our work should not be "one-way" but rather should be circular in nature. As Saint Francis of Assisi said, ".. it is in giving that we receive." In the same way teaching is collaborative in nature.  When we teach we learn and the most effective learning is teaching.

In all of our projects we consider the integrative of the whole. Every element, every action is more than charity - it is education.


Micro Steps uses education to nurture the most fundamental and positive characteristics of human beings. It does this by:
In the process of undertaking its mission, Micro Steps adheres to the following principles:

In order for any organism to live it must be in balance. Charitable organizations must possess balance. Standards help to maintain this balance. The Better Business Bureau has been reporting on charities for some time now in an effort to prevent fraudulent activities. They have established a web site to monitor charities and they suggest certain standards for transparency and accounting. We intend to conform to those standards.  They can be viewed at http://give.org/standards/newcbbbstds.asp.